Sunday, July 3, 2011

7.2.2011: Skagaströnd: midnight rainbow

My last night in Skagaströnd. Shortly before I left the studio, we all went outside for a few minutes, and found a sunset rainbow. I'd never seen a rainbow at 1:15 am before, so thank you!

Originally, someone said- hey, do you see that pink light going straight up in the sky? And, then we looked for a little while longer and realized it must be a rainbow, and that we could see the whole thing. Most days sun turns the sky salmon colored as it sets, or pretends to set, or whatever you want to call it at this time of year here. It was overcast and foggy, and raining off and on- perfect rainbow-making weather. 
(And, yes, technically, it was early Sunday morning, but I hadn't gone to bed yet, so it was still Saturday.)

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