Saturday, June 4, 2011

6.4.2011: Skagaströnd: morning hike

 Karen, Evan, and I went on a walk along the cliffs this morning. It was windy, but I enjoyed the sun.

 This looked like a face to me. 
But then, I am always seeing animals and things in the rocks and clouds.

 A couple of birds having a chat.

 Another talkative rock. He's leaning forward and must have something important to say. Either that, or he's trying to be heard above the wind.

 I took a double take here. He looks like a seal, or a ground hog...

 But, he's another rock.

 Some rusting parts near the water.

 The grass grows over the rocks and is very bushy and cushions our steps. 
It's like walking on a trampoline. I might do some sculptures based on those knobby grass knolls.

And, here's me. No long johns, but I do have on three shirts, two fleeces, a windbreaker, gloves, and shortly thereafter, a hat. 

We finished our hike, had a little lunch (fish soup that Karen made last night- yum!) Then, off to the Fisherman's Festival!

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