Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6.22.2011: Skagaströnd: lighthouse

Ólafía, the director of Nes, took us on a trip to the lighthouse today. It's about 23 km away from Skagaströnd. A town of about a hundred people lived here for three or four decades, beginning in the 1920s. But, life was pretty harsh, and they moved away. The foundations of some of the houses are slowly being overtaken. And the basalt makes for a desolate Dr. Seuss landscape. Love those textures! But, watch out for those dive-bombing Arctic Turns. They'll come after you if you get close to their nests. Someone commented it was like we were walking into The Birds (good ol' Hitchcock). So, for goodness sake, don't forget to put a hat on!

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  1. Basalt looks like when you squeeze out play-doh out of a machine...way cool!