Monday, June 28, 2010

6.24.2010: day 120

I flew to Wisconsin for my friends' wedding. This is at the Milwaukee airport. It was quite a day, and the signage made me chuckle.

I was originally supposed to fly into Green Bay, via Detroit. When I arrived at DTW, I promptly found out my connecting flight had been canceled, and of course all remaining (4) flights were booked solid. I thought it was kind of silly to wait until the next day to fly out, like the airline tried to have me do. So, I convinced them to fly me to Milwaukee instead. Unfortunately, they wouldn't fly me to Green Bay from there (I do remember a time when they would book you on other airline's flights to get you to your destination...
no such luck today...)

So, then, ticket in hand for Milwaukee, I realized it wasn't quite as straightforward as I had thought to get to Green Bay. Changing my rental car was going to cost me $750. Renting a car to drive to Green Bay, an hour and a half away: $250.

And, the saga continues...
I flew to Milwaukee. When I arrived, I heard from my friends that one of their aunts was stranded there because part of the family was stuck on the tarmac in Philadelphia (for hours...) I ran around still trying to figure out how to get to Green Bay: Taking a shuttle or taxi: $250. A one-way flight: $61 incl. tax. So, there you have it. In the meantime, I paged Aunt Nancy to the information kiosk. When she showed up, I introduced myself and filled her in on what I was planning. So, she came along, and we flew to Green Bay, picked up my rental car, and drove up to Door County. Phew! Mission finally accomplished!

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